Consultancy recruitment notice - Develop and Implement Centralized Helpdesk for All IT-Related Issues (National Firm)

Additional Financing of the Food and Nutrition Social Welfare Project
Loan No. 3086-SF
Consultancy title: Develop and Implement Centralized Helpdesk for All IT-Related Issues (National Firm)
Reference No. CS-N21/17

1.    Background

Health and social insurance general office (HSIGO) train information technology skilled specialists internally and provide Information Technology (IT) support and services. There is a mechanism for providing support and services, but this needs to be improved. For example, there are some information such as the registration of received requests, progress, responsible personnel, and etc., but there is no records on how many days are spent on resolving issue, how it was resolved, and etc. Having integrated and centralized Help desk services system will facilitate the works of IT specialists working at aimag, Ulaanbaatar and district branches of health and social insurance departments as well as to introduce system to monitor the status of each issue at different locations and make it centralized. In addition, the introduction of information technology support system will enable providing services to external users, such as hospitals and other agencies. External and internal users will need to access Help Desk team to resolve any information technology related issue. This Help Desk team will have specially dedicated telephone number, email address and be open to users.

2.    Objective(s) of the Assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to develop and implement a system to provide support and assistance related to IT systems for HSIGO and external users.


3.    Consulting firm qualifications

The firm should meet the following qualification requirements:
a.    Have an experience of setting up 3 or more IT help desk units, developing and installing software, configuring hardware and conducting training for capacity building of human resources within the last 6 years.
b.    Have knowledge of ITIL and an experience of developing process documents of ITIL (ITIL certificate will be an advantage).
c.    Should not have debt to health and social insurance offices.
d.    Should not have debt to taxation department.
e.    Have human resource capacity to implement assigned work in given timeframe.

The company should have the below specialists as a minimum requirement for the entire assignment:
1.    Information and communication technology specialist - (4 person-months) - Team leader,
2.    Instructor - (2 person-months)
3.    Software developer - 2 persons (3 person-months for each)
Please find complete Terms of Reference (TOR) for the consultancy service on ADB’s Consultant Management System.

All interested firm should submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) via ADB’s Consultant Management Recruitment System on or before February 1st, 2018.

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For more information on assignments and submission please contact the Project Implementation Unit:
    Additional Financing of the Food and Nutrition Welfare Project
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Expression of Interests lacking required documents will be disqualified from evaluation. Only short-listed firms will be contacted.