1.      Background

The Government of Mongolia is being implemented the "Ensuring inclusiveness and service delivery for persons with disabilities project" (Project) with a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  The overall aim of the project[1] is ensuring access to employment for a person with disabilities (PWDs) by increasing access to services and livelihoods and self-reliance of PWD.

Key project stakeholders and institutions include the project Executing Agency (EA) which is the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MLSP); the  Implementing Agencies (IAs), including the EA´s Population Development Department of MLSP, and the Ministry of Health (MOH) on early identification of CWD ; (iii) the local authorities and (iv) the disabled people’s organizations (DPOs)

The project outputs are 1) Early identification of children with disabilities (CWD) strengthened and institutionalized: 2) Service delivery for PWD improved: 3) Access to the physical environment improved: 4) Work and employment prospects of PWD improved: and 5) Strategic development to support PWD implemented.

Under output 2 the MLSP intends to build and equip the Development centers for PWDs at project sites (Dornod, Khovd, Darkhan-Uul, Khuvsgul, Arkhangai, and Dundgovi aimags). It has one to two-story with basement floor and the building is 1950 m2, and the design of centers reflects the universal design principals[2] and local building codes, regulations, and standards, and environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

The Development center for PWDs will be a key facility for both adults and children with disabilities to deliver a range of center-based services such as community-based rehabilitation service by developing multidisciplinary teams and minimum standards for the operation to ensure equitable service delivery in project areas as well as opportunities for socialization and learning.

The MLSP has completed a detailed engineering and architectural design including an appropriate budget estimate for each center through the engagement of the construction drawing Firm (C1), as well as signed a contract on construction supervision services for construction works until its completion.

Now, MLSP is looking for an experienced, full-time construction supervision engineer to oversee the construction work of the Development center for PWDs in project aimag and work closely with the environment consultant (C9) and construction drawing Firm (C1) at PIU. The assignment involves the supervision and management of the Contractor's work to ensure that all works are carried out in full compliance with approved engineering design, the applicable national regulations, specifications, and relevant international standards.

In parallel, during construction works, the construction supervision Firm (C1), the environment specialist (C9), and the aimag sub-committee will conduct a regular site inspection to oversee the contractor's compliance with the engineering and architectural design which approved by the state expertise and contractor’s work progress.

2.      Scope of Services

The project civil work supervision engineer will be responsible to assist the MLSP, PIU, local authorities in providing the construction supervision for construction work at sites, and maintain knowledge on all contract terms and legal requirements for construction to avoid any delay in the project and ensuring on-time completion.

 3.      Detailed Tasks and Responsibilities

The project civil work supervision engineer’s responsibilities include the following tasks:

·         Communicate and liaise effectively with the MLSP, PIU, local authorities, other engineering disciplines, consultants on construction supervision, and civil work contractors.

·         Ensure that construction-related activities at the project site are under ADB guidelines and government procedures.

·         Oversee progress monitoring, cost, and quality of all activities during construction at project site including progress against the work plan, and verify records of measurement of works done.

·         Oversee all engineering processes in construction and provide subject matter expertise.

·         Oversee the contractor's capability in terms of personal, equipment, and other conditions with regard to the contract.

·         Ensure that the work carried out by the contractors and other related activities are as per the respective safety regulations.

·         Conduct day-to-day checks of the work done by the construction contractor.

·         Ensure the highest quality of performance standards and construction work is delivered and completed without any defect and delay.

·         In close consultation with sub coordinator at PIU, study the problem and inform the MLSP and PIU and resolve it most efficiently as possible.

·         Together with the sub coordinator at PIU, MLSP, and local authorities, provide appropriate support to the construction contractor.

·         Update all logs and document all estimates and changes if applicable.

·         Present work progress to the project stakeholders and institutions.

·         Prepare periodic progress reports as required including achievements at end of the reporting period and the future work to be carried out by contractors.

·         Together with environment consultant and involvement of relevant government agencies assist the inspections to confirm regularity and safety of the building.

·         Other relevant tasks as assigned by the Project Coordinator.



4.      Duration of Services and Location 

The project civil work supervision engineer’s full-time assignment is expected to commence in June 2021. The initial duration of the contract is 12 person-months. The project civil work supervision engineer will be located in Ulaanbaatar. The project civil work supervision engineer must be able to work in construction fields in time to time.

5.      Qualification Requirement for the Civil work supervision engineer

Education: The expert should have a Master's degree, qualified engineer in civil construction (supervisor level) who is competent to carry out the required duties.


  • Have an at least 8 years of experience in site inspection or supervision on construction work;
  • Have experience in working at least 5 constructions built in the local aimags; 
  • Experience in working on at least 1 construction project funded by international organizations and the State budget;
  • Knowledge of accessibility, legislation, is an advantage;
  • Have experience in working in an accessible building is an advantage.


  • Excellent skills in managing multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Team working with effective communication skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Mongolian and English;
  • Ability to bear workload;
  • Strong knowledge in accessibility building legislation and construction processes.


  • To be able to work in project aimags;
  • Have knowledge on national and local project management;
  • Proficient in specialty areas;
  • Have a good communication  skills;
  • Ability to apply logical and critical thinking skills to project;
  • Attention to detail, creative problem-solving;
  • Have an ability to prompt execution;
  • Strong knowledge in accessibility building legislation and construction processes;
  • Attention to detail, creative problem-solving;
  • Microsoft Office-knowledge and virtual workability;
  • No-criminal record.


6.      Application Process


If you meet the required qualifications of the advertised position, please, submit (i) civil servant’s application, (ii) curriculum vitae in English and Mongolian (ADB format), (iii) copies of diploma(s) and certificate(s) with English translation, and (iv) reference letter(s) from past employer(s) (English and Mongolian) in a sealed envelope by 10:00 AM of 25 May 2021 to the below address. Incomplete applications will be excluded from further consideration. Only short-listed candidates will be jointly interviewed by the MLSP and ADB. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant. 


Submission address:   Project Implementation Unit Office

                                        Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Government Building 2

                                        Chingeltei District, 4th khoroo, United Nation’s Street -5

                                        Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

          Phone: +976-77335577, email:







[1] See details on

[2]  The seven principles of universal design include (i) equitable use, (ii) flexibility in use, (iii) simple and intuitive use, (iv) perceptible information, (v) tolerance for error, (vi) low physical effort, and (vii) size and space for approach and use.