Mr. Daniel Sam, Program Manager of the United Nations Migration Agency, was welcomed

H.E.Mr. S. Zulphar, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection received Mr. Daniel Sam, who was newly appointed as the Program Manager of the United Nations Migration Agency.


We have cooperated with the International Organization for Migration to properly understand and manage migration, identify the factors affecting migration, try to implement solutions, and provide appropriate social and economic services to citizens by increasing employment and decentralization of the population. At this meeting, the parties exchanged views on how to effectively continue the cooperation in the future.


The Deputy Minister said, “Employment is the main factor of migration. Mongolia does not implement a policy to restrict migration. However, a policy of implementing measures aimed at proper regulation is followed. In order to decentralize, the objectives of increasing local jobs have been set. For example, in cooperation with employers, measures will be implemented to encourage young people to work in the local area. If young people who are migrating to local area migrating to local areas are provided with jobs, employers will be provided with financial support at the minimum wage for 3-6 months.