Information was provided to the representatives of the IMF

In accordance with the rules of the International Monetary Fund, a working group to evaluate the social and economic conditions of member countries is working in our country.

Mr. Zulphar.S, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Mr. Ulaan.Ch, Minister's Advisor and the management team of the Ministry met with representatives of the IMF and provided information on certain issues.

At the meeting, information was obtained and opinions were exchanged about social insurance reforms, child benefits, and women's employment support measures in Mongolia.

From the IMF, Mrs. Angana Banerjee, Head of the Working Group, Mr. Seok Hyun Yoon, Resident Representative of the IMF, Mr. David Corvino, Sectoral Economist, Pranav Gupta, Monetary Policy Economist, Manabu Noze, Fiscal Economist, and Iorgova, Financial Sector Economist participated in the meeting.