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Project Number. 48076-002

Project Title. Ensuring Inclusiveness and Service Delivery for Persons with Disabilities Project


            The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MLSP) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) are commencing to implement the project “Ensuring Inclusiveness and Service Delivery for Persons with Disabilities Project” for 2018-2022.

            The project aims to ensure the inclusiveness of persons with disabilities, improve service at Ulaanbaatar city and province level, increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and assure their independence and economic contribution.

The project has following components to meet the needs of children with disabilities and persons with disabilities. Component 1: Early identification of children with disabilities strengthened and institutionalized. Component 2: Service delivery for persons with disabilities improved. Component 3: Access to the physical environment improved. Component 4: Work and employment for persons with disabilities improved. Component 5: Strategic development to support with disabilities implemented.


The following applicant will be selected for the Project Implementation Unit.


  1. Monitoring and Evaluation, and Contract Management Specialist /1 person/



1. The Monitoring and Evaluation, and Contract Management Specialist will be responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of the project monitoring activities; and provide inputs in the regular monitoring reports for the project.

2. The specialist will act as the main coordinator for effective implementation of the contractors and manages the contracts. 


Responsibilities and tasks to be performed within the objective 1; but not limited to:

  • Review the Project Documentations and the DMF, create a work plan identifying sequence of products, timing of different inputs, deadlines for delivery of data and indicators;
  • Support the PIU establishing management supervision mechanisms for implementation, monitoring and reporting of the DMF from the relevant consultants;
  • Interact and review the inputs of consultants working on project related data collection systems;
  • With PIU procurement specialist, support to specify the conditions/criteria to recruit and contract a qualified National data collection firm and ensure baseline survey is implementing properly;
  • Ensure data are collected and reported as required in monitoring targets and indicators of the Gender Action Plan;
  • Support the review of the current monitoring role of the Management Information System (MIS) of public employment services in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection;
  • Work with the Ministry of Health in developing new reporting forms to be included in the existing reporting system of the Center for Health Development. The new reporting forms should capture the new information in the child health card (the Pink Book) related to the Ages and Stages Questionnaire;
  • Obtain and compile relevant indicators from the sources referred to in the DMF (in particular the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the National Statistical Office, and the Ministry of Health);
  • Collect all data sources that can be obtained on a monthly basis, primarily administrative data, monitoring should occur on a continuous basis to verify data quality and ensure that any eventual corrective measures are taken;
  • Overall responsibility for producing the quarterly progress report and ensure it is registered to the Management information system;
  • Overall responsibility for producing semi-annual and annual progress report and report to the Project Steering Committee;
  • Support the Project Coordinator in the planning and commissioning the project mid-term review and communicating the review results and undertaking follow up actions;
  • Guide and support the PIU staff and other stakeholders involved in the project implementation, in proper monitoring and evaluation of the assigned project activities;
  • Assist with interpretation, translation of the related documents and disseminating;
  • Properly filing and maintaining all M&E documents;
  • Other relevant tasks as assigned by the Project Coordinator;

Responsibilities and tasks to be performed within the objective 2; but not limited to:

  • Act as a focal person on behalf of PIU for contract administration issues that may accrue liabilities for the project;
  • Support MLSP in checking the quality of procured items upon provision by Service Providers, and, if not satisfied, ensure taking action to get the items replaced with specifications stated in the proposals;
  • Monitor the progress of individual consultants/consulting firms contracts implementation to ensure that it abides by the stipulated standards, procedures and planned timetable;
  • Provide technical leadership for a first stage resolution in case of any dispute that project may have with contractors;
  • Represent and support PIU during the internal and external audits, and reviews by ADB;
  • Provide support in litigations;
  • Properly filing and maintaining all contract related documents;
  • Any other relevant task assigned by the Project Coordinator.

Qualifications for the position:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Economics, Statistics, Law or other occupations related to the Social Science
  • At least 5 years of working experience as M&E and Contract Management, including experience in auditing, controlling and working with administrative data and contract management;
  • At least 10 years of working experience in government organizations;
  • Familiar with national and international project procedures
  • The ability to fluently communicate in English both in writing and speaking. 
  • MS Office proficiency such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., and excellent web research and navigation skills
  • High professional and personal integrity
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with the relevant stakeholders and implementing agencies.
  • Ability to function independently and collaboratively in a team environment
  • Organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple assignments



Interested eligible individuals must provide following documents in both English and Mongolian in secured envelope before 17.00 of the November 15th, 2018.

  • Cover letter /briefly mentioned about reason applying for the position and work experience/
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 reference letters from previous employers 
  • Copies of diplomas or certificates


Only short-listed candidates will be notified and called for an interview. 


Address: PIU Office of the Ensuring Inclusiveness and Service Delivery for Persons with Disabilities Project, Room 703 of Max Tower, 4/4 Juulchin Street, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Phone: 8811-4081